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Start From Scratch ... No Special Skills Required ... Can be built into a multi-hundred thousand dollar empire in as little as 6 months


     Judgment claim processing can translate into a highly rewarding business that can be worked from home. There is an unlimited number of potential clients, more than any one person can handle and high recovery fees make it worthwhile as a work at home business.

      Once trained in judgment recovery, you can expect to earn $5,000 a month working part-time and in the neighborhood of $9,000 - $10,000 per month or more full-time with no employees.

     Someone wrongs someone and they take them to small claims or civil court. The judge decides in their favor and awards them a court ordered judgment. The only rub is, they don’t collect the money for the winner. They have a few choices: hire a lawyer or do it themselves. There is a third alternative: Judgment recovery services. This is what makes this a great business for anyone looking to make a great income at home.

     You'll need to be able to set up business in an in-home office, efficiently. You’ll want a high speed internet connection for your computer, a post office box, business directory and phone.

     As you grow your business you’ll want a reliable and dependable judgment recovery software to manage our accounts. It is a good idea to a judgment recovery management system. A system keeps tracks of your cases, clients, judgments, forms, etc. and easily manage & track an unlimited number of clients and cases from first contact to the full recovery.

     Management software systems normally have alternative forms to supplement the forms you may already be using. Acknowledgement of Assignment, Acknowledgement of Re-Assignment, Acknowledgement of Satisfaction, Agreement for Assignment, Agreement for Settlement, Assignment of Judgment, Envelope Court Clerk, Envelope Defendant, Envelope Plaintiff, Letter Agreement Follow-Up, Letter Clerk, Letter Debtor Notification, Letter Debtor Notification California, Letter First Contact, Sheriff Instructions

     Judgment recovery courses differ in tuition. Some charge in the tens of thousands of dollars for weekend seminars and are more expensive than college courses. They bloviate, have CD’s, DVD’s, three-ring binders and cost dearly. Ours is one of the best and most cost and time effective judgment recovery courses are available on the internet that will put you into business.

     Unlike an attorney, a judgment recovery service will recover your money with no fees out of your pocket and no fees if your court judgment funds aren't recovered. Unlike attorneys who charge a per hour fee, whether or not they are able to collect your fees, a recovery firm become very economical.

     Having a judgment in your favor is like having a written IOU. It is your money. But if you don’t collect it your debtor will walk free and you will have wasted your time taking that person to court. A judgment recovery agent makes recovery of that court judgment economically possible. And, there are very powerful ways to coerce a defendant to pay up.

     The judgment recovery business has more judgment claims business available than any one person can handle. As the financial rewards of a business go, it is quite rewarding and the possibilities are endless for expansion and growth. And, just like any start up business, you are away from the secure job environment paycheck and have to live by your wits and have good work ethic. This is not get rich quick. You have to build up an income stream, and when you have it, you’ll surprise yourself with how lucrative court ordered judgment contingencies can be.


High Quality Judgment Recovery Coarse at an Affordable Price No One Matches That

As a judgment recovery investigator you'll find more cases than you could
ever possibly handle and exceptional full-time income.

Here Is Exactly What I Am Offering You Today. Course Includes:

Professional Judgment Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course ... ($297 + Value)

Step-By-Step instructions on how to set up the business and start off running.
Invaluable ins and outs for making this business work. All the methods, advice and tactics you'll need to fast-track this business. You discover how to set up your business and learn how to go about marketing your business to a huge population of potential clients.


All the pre-written forms, letters, customer contracts you'll ever need to do business ($99 + Value)

Invaluable Cover Letter and Agreement Form, Advisor/Agency Authorization Form, Sample Solicitation Letters, Advertising Mock-Ups, Purchase Agreements, Writ of Execution, Assignment Order, Debtor Profile Sheets, Earnings Withholding Order, Memorandum of Costs, Final Judgment Recovery Letter, Instructions To Levying Officer Form, Community Property Assignment Form

PLUS: Smart office resources database for locating a debtor. In most states, judgments are good for ten years. Accumulated assets are ripe for allocation using smart office resources.

Your Fast Action Bonus Item
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FREE Persuasion Sales Letters & Copywriting Coarse 136 Pages... ($97 + Value)

Useful The Power Of Words Can Make You Rich. If you can't persuade people to buy your products, you're going nowhere. Ever think that maybe that missing piece is knowing how to write persuasive copy to your customers? Could the only thing standing between you and a much larger success be just good marketing copy? (click business sales letters and copy writing for more detailed information)


Order Option: I am a serious about beginning judgment recovery and small claims processing and it's obvious that the Professional Judgment Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course will make me money and ultimately multiply my income.

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Iron Clad 60 Day Money
Back Guarantee

I am so sure that the Professional Judgment Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course will provide you with the results that you're looking for that I am willing to back it up for a full 60 days. If you're not completely satisfied with it, even if it's on the 59th day of the guarantee, all you have to do is let me know and I'll insist that you let us give you a full refund, no questions asked. It's just that simple.



Why You'll NEVER See My Product in ANY Store

You will never see this course in any store simply because it is only being offered online by way of my website.

You just need a credit card or you can use PayPal.  If we were to offer it in stores, the amount to produce the product would be astronomical, so take this offer right now before the price goes up and the product is hard to find!

P.S. Don't work in another Dead End Job.
Small claims processing and judgement recovery is a challenging and extremely rewarding adventure and career path.

P.P.S. I take ALL The Risk! Take Advantage of Our 100% Full 60-Day Guarantee!
Remember that you have an entire 2 MONTHS to try out our coarse and if you are not satisfied in any way , shape or form, than send us a quick emil and you get ALL your money back! No questions asked! If you are not happy with this product ... then I should NOT get paid ... period!

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